Dorper Hair sheep - Albaugh RanchAlbaugh Ranch lamb is wholesome grass-finished on the mother's milk.  The sheep get salt and mineral with forages such as clover, trefoil, orchard grass, rye and other sweet forages that are grown on Albaugh Ranch.

These lambs are a high percentage Dorper Hair sheep for a more mellow flavor in the meat.  They also have the benefit of not having to be sheared. 

Our sheep lamb out in the pasture and spend their entire life in the fields, not in pens.

All our beef and lamb is processed at a USDA approved facility.

Grass finished lambs:

Delivered to the abattoir - $150.00 per head plus processing
Slaughtering is approximately $100.00 per head plus processing
Meat delivery from the abattoir is at the customer's expense

For information on purchasing our lambs please contact us.