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Comments from our customers

“I worked with Albaugh Ranch shorthorn genetics for two grass finishing seasons and I have found the meat to be consistently tender and delicious. As a marketer and consultant in the specialty meats business, I think it is imperative to create consistency in your end product. The Albaugh family is serious about their breeding and I believe that that their shorthorn genetics will meet a high quality meat programs objectives.” 

All the best,
Mark Keller

“High performing cattle, excellent natural beef, outstanding lamb.  Albaugh Ranch has it all.  As return buyers for the past several years of replacement Shorthorn females, natural fed beef and grass-fed lamb, we could not be happier with the cattle and meat products we have purchased from the Albaugh family ranch.  Knowledgeable, honest and friendly folks who are a pleasure to do business with."

Gary & Peggi Witte
Witte Shorthorns
Fallon, NV

"The Albaugh Ranch Shorthorns are helping me improve my herd of crossbred cattle with the consistent traits that I like.  The Albaugh cattle are very good mothers, they have nice bags with small teats, they are good milkers, they handle well with good dispositions, their frame size  is medium which saves feed, they raise nice calves and they breed back well.  The bulls I have bought have done just what Norris Albaugh said they would do.  I recommend the Albaugh Shorthorns."
-Aaron C Williams
Williams Ranch

"… Every Shorthorn breeder I talked to bragged about how they would stand their cattle against anyone's.  But, when I A.I.’d my Shorthorn cows to their bulls all I got were hard pulls, hound-gutted, slab-sided, hard-keeping offspring.  I had all but given up on the Shorthorn breed when I saw an ad for the Albaugh Shorthorn Ranch.

When I first met Norris I told him of my trouble and disgust with the Shorthorns.  Norris chuckled and assured me that I would not be disappointed with his cattle's performance.  I purchased semen and A.I.’d to Albaugh Shorthorns in 2006.  The spring of 2007 was a dream come true!  EVERY Albaugh sired calf came unassisted and hit the ground running and never looked back!

I am very pleased to say that I have bulls and heifers to use out of my 2007 calf crop.  The calves have a nice clean head, good depth, nice length and are not heavy boned but are put together like a beef should be.

Norris, I believe you and your family have done a great job in selecting and culling genetics that will work for the cow-calf man."

~Dean Hanson
Trail, MN

"Dear Norris,
I would like to start out by saying thank you and your family for the courtesy in which they showed not only to me but my wife and daughter as well.

This past year with health problems plaguing myself I decided to search out something better for myself and my family other than the every day run of the mill beef.  When I found you on the internet and started speaking with you, you were kind enough to take your time and explain the differences in the way that cattle are raised. 

We dealt with a butcher in Las Vegas for in business for over 50 years.  The meat was good.  But the meat in which we bought from you was so much different. The tenderness, the flavor, the color and just everything about it was completely different than any other beef that we have ever tasted.  It was better than what we had ever expected.

If I were to rate the beef that we purchased from you it would definitely be a 10 plus.

I am so looking forward to our next purchase."

God bless you.
Bobby & Julie Mockbee

February 23, 2008

We have been eating Albaugh Ranch beef exclusively for over a year now and are extremely satisfied.  The flavor, texture and tenderness of the Albaugh’s beef, in our opinion, cannot be found anywhere in a supermarket cooler.  This beef is nothing shy of fantastic and has always provided an excellent eating experience!  Our opinion is “this is gourmet beef.”

Try the lamb too.  I have always disliked lamb but my wife was raised on it.  One day I was grilling a steak for myself and a couple of lamb chops for my wife.  She asked if I would like to try a bite.  “Sure,” I said, wanting to be cordial.  To my surprise, her chop was nearly as tasty as my steak, and this is coming from a very “biased against lamb” individual!

It's comforting and reassuring to know that the beef we eat is synthetic hormone and antibiotic free, raised exclusively on grass and native forage with no "high carb" grain. 

We highly recommend Albaugh Ranch beef and lamb!

The Carsons
Searcy, Arkansas